Aris by WED Perfumes
Aris by WED Perfumes is a very mild, opening with lots of , Rose and White musk with a high end flor..
Bansah by WED Perfumes
Bansah by WED Perfumes, A classic suede smelling fragrance, absolutely a timeless master ..
Elissa by WED Perfumes
Elissa by WED Perfumes, Haunting. Very feminine floral with a sweet spicy undertone. Very beautiful,..
Flamengo by WED Perfumes
Flamengo by WED Perfumes, Walk in the botany with flora all around, swim in that freshness an..
Lantana by WED Perfumes
Lantana, refreshing and not too intense, is described as an ideal scent for work and for everyday ..
Lauran by WED Perfumes
Lilly by WED Perfumes
Lilly by WED Perfumes, A blast of Rose & Geranium in the opening. After about some times, one..
Limas by WED Perfumes
Limas by WED Perfumes, Everyone needs one of these in their lives, citrusy, fresh Rose, Oudh,..
Miriam by WED Perfumes
Miriam by WED Perfumes is anFresh with Wood and Greeny combination of fragrance for ..
Ronza by WED Perfumes
Durinda by WED Perfumes
Durinda by WED Perfumes, Oudh blending in harmony with Musk and Moss for an The Woody Oriental fragr..
Leucine by WED Perfumes
A very fresh, opening with lots of mint, lavender, bergamot with a very royalty open. Heavy oriental..
Solin by WED Perfumes
A vintage Spicy smoky citrusy oriental fragrance, with very heavy Denhil Oudh and amber as middle no..
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